1. Obsessively + Speedy J Remix [30D-007]

  2. Love Crucified EP + Yelling Meltdown Remix [30DEXO-009]

  3. Fifth Contact EP [30DCE-005]
    Irakli, inigo Kennedy, Pekku Jerkku, JS Park

  4. Hard Standing EP [30DEXO-008]

  5. Outsiding Passage [30DEYES-003]
    Conrad Van Orton, Jheal

  6. Pedro Pina - Drone Live Set [30DMIX-007]
    Pedro Pina

  7. Fourth Contact EP [30DCE-004]
    Irazu, Kalter Ende, Pedro Pina, Omnia Vox

  8. Third Contact EP [30DCE-003]
    Denise Rabe, Geistform, Temudo, Adriana López

  9. Emergency EP [30DEXO-007]

  10. Sei Tracce In Nero EP [30DEYES-002]
    Reeko, Group

  11. Electric Indigo - DJ Mix [30DMIX-006]
    Electric Indigo

  12. Vertical Hold EP [30DEXO-006]
    Terrence Dixon

  13. Second Contact EP [30DCE-002]
    Jheal, Pedro Pina, MSDMNR, Kastil

  14. Phases EP [30D-006]
    30drop, Arpanet

  15. Shelter EP + 30drop Remix [30DEYES-001]
    Isolated Lines

  16. Digital Ladder EP + Dasha Rush & 30drop Remixes [30DEXO-005]
    Terrence Dixon

  17. First Contact EP [30DCE-001]
    Jeroen Search, Dj Surgeles, 30drop, ORYX 9

  18. Angel Molina - DJ Mix PS14 [30DMIX-005]
    Angel Molina

  19. The Time Of Cruel Miracles LP + Remixes [30DLP-001]

  20. Unusual Extremes Single + The Black Dog Remix [30D-005]

  21. Trolley Route - DJ Mix [30DMIX-004]
    Trolley Route

  22. Abstraction Trail EP [30DEXO-004]
    ORYX 9

  23. Unknown Radio EP + Der Zyklus Remix [30DEXO-003]

  24. HD Substance - DJ Mix [30DMIX-003]
    HD Substance

  25. ORYX 9 - DJ Mix [30DMIX-002]
    ORYX 9

  26. History Of Gods EP + Sterac Remix [30D-004]

  27. 30drop - Liveset (Ambient/Electronica) [30DMIX-001]

  28. Unified Theory EP [30DEXO-002]
    The Entity

  29. Superconductivity EP [30D-003]

  30. Time Will Tell EP [30DEXO-001]
    Population One

  31. Resonance Vortex EP [30D-002]

  32. Vacuum Geometry EP [30D-001]


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Founded & run by 30drop.

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